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Twenty eighth YTC Token burn

Global Digital Cooperative
Twenty eighth YTC Token Burn

As planned, this Monday, September 21, we have carried out the twenty eighth token burn since the launch of YTC.

With the burning of YTCs the amount of circulating Tokens is reduced, therefore its price increases.

Higher usability = More Token burn = HIGHER TOKEN VALUE


Bitcoin Futures Launch

The current release ships with the swarmcommand that launches a standalone Swarm daemon as separate process using your favourite IPC-compliant ethereum client if needed.


Σύγκριση πορείας τιμών

Σύγκριση πορείας τιμών , και ανταλαξημότητας την 07/09/2020 για τα νομίσματα YTC, BTC, ETH. Όπως θα παρατηρήσετε σήμερα 1 ΕΤΗ ισούται  με 1.363 YTC , και 1 BTC ισούται  με 38.941.? YTC