The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new law governing the collection, use and processing of personal data in the EU. It applies from 25 May 2018 and affects all EU citizens. According to the GDPR, sites must protect the privacy of visitors to their site.
Collection of personal data
Get consent to collect and store data like Name, Surname, Phone Numbers, Email, and other personal data
Use of Data
Explain how to use the data collected from your company page or your online store with related text
Delete personal data
Be able to delete all data collected by site visitors upon request for deletion


Use GDPR in e-business
General Data Protection Regulation

According to the new General Regulation on Data Protection, all companies, organizations and professionals who associate-trade with natural persons (either associates-employees or customers) and for the purpose of processing or collecting personal data are now required to comply with with the above regulation in order to avoid severe sanctions.

Our company ( provides a complete package (including the legal and technical part of this regulation) for the correct and complete compliance of your company / organization, at friendly prices tailored to your needs.

What we offer
In Hyperion we offer

1. The text of the privacy policy to enhance the transparency of your site
The GDPR requires all sites to inform users about the type of data the site collects and what data they use. This is done by having a menu option called "Privacy Policy" that can be customized to the specific details of your site by automatically creating the relevant text.

2. Custom cookie alert
A new cookie alert lets visitors know that your site collects information in this form and should always be displayed when a user first visits your site.

3. Free SSL certificate
We provide an SSL certificate for HTTPS encryption. This ensures that the link to your site is secure and cannot be bypassed.

4. Additional fields related to contact forms
According to the GDPR, website owners must obtain the consent and consent of site visitors before collecting data. To comply with this requirement, we have added a participation consent field to each contact form on your site.

5. Deletion of personal data
The GDPR requires that if a site visitor requests the deletion of his or her personal data, the site owner must do so without delay. We may enable you to manage and delete all visitor personal data submitted through contact forms on the site.

GDPR checklist

1. Enable a custom privacy policy

2. Enable participation consent on all contact forms

3. Enable cookie alert

4. Configure the SSL certificate

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