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    What good is a web site if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there?

    It is good for every business to have a website, so that the one who searches for it through the internet can find it, but few people know that a website also needs promotion, so that it can be easily found by the customer or the user.

    A website without SEO will not appear anywhere in the search engines, no matter how well it is made. That way, potential customers will never know it exists. It is worth mentioning that the first search engine, based on statistics, is Google. Thus, a website in order to have traffic must be ranked high in that particular search engine. The most common methods of website promotion are On page SEO, off page SEO and Google advertising campaigns.

    Social Media Campaigns

    Social media marketing is an ideal way to promote your business.

    Advertising promotion on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Viber).

    Email Campaigns

    Promotion of products and services through a targeted advertising campaign using e-mail.

    Email marketing can be a very effective strategy. This strategy involves the use of emails to promote products or services.

    Banner & Dynamic Ads & Retargeting

    Design and create dynamic ads and target a specific audience and customer profile based on the individual needs of each brand.

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an SEM method that uses a variety of actions that help search engines understand what your website is about so that they can display it to users who search on them. 

    These techniques include using the right titles and keywords to describe a site as well as linking to quality resources.

    2. Paid PPC Search (Paid Search Marketing):

    PPC (pay per click) advertising, ie payment per click on your ad, refers to the paid appearance of your site in search engines or other sites.

    Specifically, a Google Adwords (PPC) ad will display the ad at the top or right of the results page. The placement depends on many factors, such as the keywords and the quality of the ad. Google will also promote your ads on websites that have Adsense enabled. There are other types of PPC marketing, such as Facebook ads.

    In a PPC ad, it gets paid for every click someone makes on your offer. Paid search is different from organic search because you have to pay for your site or bid to appear higher in search results.

    Blog Marketing – Content Marketing

    Blog Marketing is the process of approaching your target market through the use of a blog.

    The very nature of blogging makes it ideal for marketing, as it provides new content to attract people back to the business, and to offer a way for businesses to interact with consumers.

    Search Engine Optimazation

    Affiliate Marketing

     Affiliate Marketing is the most common Performance Marketing method but also the most “genuine” version. The term Affiliate Marketing essentially describes the relationship between the Advertiser (Merchant or Advertiser) and the Affiliate (or Publisher), in which the latter directs visitors to the former’s website. and is paid only if these visitors perform a pre-agreed action (most of the time this action is a purchase). This method of payment is called Cost per Action (CPA) and is what differentiates Affiliate Marketing from other methods of promotion and advertising.

    Guest Blogging - Advertising and posting on other sites

    Having your articles and ads on other sites creates an advantage not only for your extra visibility on the internet but also for search engine optimization (SEO). Business guides, Yellow Pages GDC etc.

    Answers to your questions

    Website promotion services include a collection of marketing actions and techniques aimed at increasing traffic to your website. Whether you have a large business, a blog, an eShop or any other website, you need to promote it online and inform potential customers about your services or products. Depending on the requirements, we use selectively or in combination all the marketing techniques: 

    • Social media marketing (e.g. Facebook, Instagram etc.)
    • Blog Marketing – Content Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), such as SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (paid search marketing)
    • Email Marketing
    • Advertising and posting on other sites (business guides, Yellow Pages GDC, etc.)
    • Affiliate Marketing

    The data on the internet and websites is endless. Even if you build the most up-to-date website, it will be lost in this data, without SEO. If a website has everything it needs, then it will stand out from Google algorithms and appear in high positions.

    You should be aware that costs depend on many factors and that the results of the promotion take time. Nothing is built in a week or a month.

    The amount you will pay will be monthly and will be determined by the requirements of the website to “go up” in the search engines. That is, from how easy or difficult it is to get high in the search engines, some keywords. Our company offers at a promotional price three promotion packages depending on the requirements of your website:








    200€ & 50€ in YtC/Zpay

    400€ /month


    300€ & 100€ in YtC/Zpay

    600€ / month


    450€ & 150€ in YtC/Zpay

    It is suggested at the beginning to choose the PREMIUM or PRO packages in order for your website to gain a decent position in the search engines and then we can move on to a cheaper package, always with a view to optimizing performance per cost.

    Let’s start!

    It’s time for your website to take its rightful place in the top positions of search engine results and launch its traffic. Fill in the expression of interest form and we will contact you immediately.

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